Best Burgers and Local Beer

Located in Old Town Silverdale, Cash Brewing Company is a local eatery that specialized in wonderful dishes and brews their own beer amazing beer. We always leave there thrilled with our experience, saying, "It's just not that hard is it?" Tommy and his wife Ester Cash run this place as people that truly care. They are both very involved and on most nights you will be greeted by one of them before your meal is done. They like to get to know their customers and make sure everything is cooked according to preference. 

Cashing Brewing Company actually started in Port Orchard operated as Tommy C's and it was very successful for many years until the landlord had financial problems and Tommy C's was forced to find a new location. Bummer for Port Orchard but great for Silverdale. In fact you will still see the old Tommy C's sign on the wall at Cash Brewing Company as a reminder of the early days in Port Orchard.

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